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Elizabeth is a high school junior at Chesterton Academy of Annapolis who runs track and cross country and also helps run LTP (Leadership Training Program) at her church. She shares:

“A huge thing I learned from STAT that has influenced me and prepared me for high school is when we talked about total self-gift. Total self-gift is what God does for us. He holds nothing back and gives all He is and if He does that for me, why should I not do the same? I was only 11 at the time but it really stood out to me.”

She feels that STAT positively influenced her faith life, sharing that “I went to adoration with my best friend every Monday and Wednesday during lunch if we could, which grew from just knowledge of God into a beautiful friendship with Him.”

“Some memories of STAT that stand out to me are mostly with my friends. Going to adoration, laughing, and discussions. At STAT I met my friends for life (cheesy I know) but no joke!”

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Stephen “was in STAT for seventh and eighth grade. I am currently in my fourth year of seminary for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. I will graduate from St. John Paul II Seminary and Catholic University in May 2021, and then I will be sent to Mount St. Mary’s for four more years of study and a pastoral year at a parish. Hopefully, I will be ordained a priest in 2026. STAT emphasizes reading and writing skills, and I was very grateful that I had a good handle on the English language when I had to write high school and college papers. STAT helped me to realize that growth in relationship with God is the most important thing I can do. I also received great human and intellectual formation, specifically in the areas of writing and having good conversations about big questions with my peers. The faculty and tutors at STAT did not consider us too young to aim our minds toward excellence and our hearts toward union with God.  STAT emphasizes reading and writing skills, and I was very grateful that I had a good handle on the English language when I had to write high school and college papers.”

Stephen recalls that he “always looked forward to the plays at the end of the year and the periodic poetry recitations. I continue to keep in touch with each of my eight grade classmates to some extent, which was especially helpful for me when we all went off to different high schools.”

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Abby, a recent graduate who attended STAT from 4th-8th grade, is very involved in her parish and was recently confirmed. Citing STAT’s role in preparing her for high school and helping her to grow in faith, Abby shares that “during my time at STAT, I learned a lot about myself, how to order priorities, see the value in little things, and take responsibility. Often, I find myself thinking back to different teaching or studying methods my tutors used and applying them to my classes, especially when it comes to taking notes or writing essays. STAT influenced my faith life by making it a prominent part in every class that it could. Even in subjects like math we would open with a prayer, so our faith was a constant in everything we did. Having the continuous reminder to pray and turn to God has helped me through various struggles I’ve faced with school or in relationships. Some of my all-time favorite memories of STAT include Field Day water balloon fights, school masses, messing around with my friends at lunch, pranking people with bean-boozled jelly beans, decorating our 8th grade room for a class party, and putting on the 7th grade Horatius performance. Something I never noticed then, but appreciate now, is how the school really felt like home. Our classes all got along well and the teachers were always there for you if you needed anything. My 8thgrade year was one of my favorites: we talked about and discovered many truths about life and learned to question the world around us. One of the most prominent lessons for me is that God gave us both our strengths and our weaknesses for a reason. Our weaknesses can help others grow and can strengthen our relationships. Additionally, my time at STAT taught me to set boundaries for myself and order my priorities so I can live a faithful, fruitful life. It is something I will constantly have to work on, and it will never be easy, but I am forever grateful for the lessons STAT taught me and for some truly unforgettable memories.” 

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Sean, currently pursuing a degree in political science, philosophy, and economics, says “STAT prepared me well for higher education. It has taught the fundamentals of reading and writing which has formed the basis of my successful academic career.” He states that STAT “provided a stronger cultural backing to my faith life. From poets such as Chesterton to historical figures such as St. Thomas More, STAT gave me a stronger sense of Catholic identity through the exploration of Catholicism's impact on art and history.” A lesson that stands out for Sean “is that hard work and persistence can make up for a lack of talent.”

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Ann Marie

Ann Marie shares, “I attended STAT for 8th grade in the 2013-2014 school year. For high school I went to St. Mary's in downtown Annapolis. Now, as a junior at Towson University, I am pursuing my BA in English Secondary Education. I am the Vice President and Service Chairperson for Towson’s Catholic Campus Ministry and I'm being quite honest when I say I believe I would not be where I am right now if I hadn't gone to STAT. Merely one year at that school sparked the desire in me to chase the Lord as I hadn't before. It was at STAT that I came out of my shell and made friends, where I wrote and completed my first book, where I learned why I was Catholic, and where I decided I wanted to be a teacher. In particular, being in Mrs. Butrim's class inspired me to model her example as a teacher. When I am asked in my education classes to share schooling experiences, I always point to STAT and Mrs. Butrim.”