STAT offers classical instruction for grades 2 through 8. We limit class sizes to afford an intimate learning experience, yet provide an opportunity for virtuous competition and peer engagement.

STAT is not for everyone. Parents must be committed to instructing their children on “home days.” Although older children may be largely self-directed in completing their studies, the parent’s role in home education is not abdicated to the tutor. Parents must be ready and willing to review their children’s work – read their essays, cycle through flashcards, grade math problem sets with a key, listen to memorized poems (particularly delightful at dinnertime), perhaps even supplement the materials where a child has a need or an interest that goes deeper than the curriculum. STAT does not require super-parents, tiger-mothers or homeschool veterans. But a desire to see your child learn, and to help him in that learning are at the root of homeschooling and are the foundation of the STAT program.

Tuition for STAT is $2,900 per year for grades 2-4 and $3,100 per year for grades 5-8. Tuition may be paid in full at the time of registration or in two installments: July 1 (50%) and January 15 (50%). Tuition is not refundable because limited spaces can usually not be provided to others once the school year begins.

If you are ready to apply for admission to STAT, please contact us for a registration information here.

Admissions Information & Checklist