Director’s Summer STAT Update

Dear STAT Families,

Isn’t summer glorious? What a wonderful time to see God’s beauty and truth in the seasonal wonders all around us; the crashing of waves on the beach, the glow of fireflies at dusk, the brilliant sparkles of sunlight on the bay and the refreshing coolness of clear, crisp mountain air. With all the cookouts, summer camps and the self-imposed rush to do it all before school starts, please don’t overlook these gifts that He gives to us. I hope you take the time to revel in them.

I would like to thank all of you for your support and prayers during my first few months as Director. The Tutors, the Board, and I have all been busy preparing for this coming year and God has been so very good to us! He has brought us a fantastic group of dedicated Tutors and Staff. I’m pleased to announce that we have filled most of our Tutor positions.

2017/2018 STAT Tutors

Please welcome Michelle Cooley to the 2nd Grade Assistant position. We are graced with her tremendous creativity, organization and seasoned child guidance skills. She and Ruth Gwynn will make an amazing team.

Also please welcome Betsy Henry as our new 3rd Grade Tutor. Betsy comes to us with great experience in building a bible study program for the children of Walking With Purpose moms. She skillfully adapted their parent’s lessons to the children’s level so they would be able to learn together. We are fairly certain that our little ones will begin sprouting wings after 2nd and 3rd grade in our tutorial!

We a pleased to welcome Deborah Thompson who will be serving in a new position this year as 1/2 Day 3rd Grade Assistant to this wonderfully lively and diverse group. Deborah has as much energy as they do and her loving sense of humor will most certainly enrich this class.

As you know, Amy Zaleski stepped down from her 3-in-one position of Treasurer/Admissions Officer/Curriculum Coordinator to take on the position of 6th Grade Tutor. Not wanting her to be bored with just ONE job, Amy will also tutor Math 7/6 this year. Amy brings almost 2 decades of homeschooling experience with her and still has an insatiable thirst for learning. We are so very blessed that she would share her enthusiasm, energy, and love of classical education with our students.

Gracing us with her spectacular, Ph.D. resume is our new Science Tutor, Laura Pontzer. Many of you know her as the highly capable, caring and unassuming organizer of many of our trips, projects; and events but that apparently is just her day cover. I better stop before she quits!

Speaking of amazing credential, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Evan McGrath as our new Latin Tutor (I told you God was good to us). Evan earned his Bachelors in Classical Studies followed by a Masters in Humanities and Curriculum Development. He tops off his education with a Doctorate in Educational Administration. His passion is for helping children in crisis learn life skills. He will be splitting his time between working them and teaching at STAT. Evan has a way of making history come alive and we are sure he will captivate, engage and challenge our students.

We are also so grateful for our wonderful returning tutors and staff.

  • Tracy Baldwin, our wonderfully organized Administrator, will continue to greet everyone with a smile this year, watch over our children and help support tutors. She will continue to be a liaison to OLF and point of contact for parents during STAT days.
  • Bernard Weinbaum (PE) will continue to provide fun and healthy exercise wrapped if virtue related instruction once a week,
  • Naomi Popp (Art) will continue to instruct our budding artists teaching them principles of balance, symmetry, and beauty.
  • Ruth Gwynn will continue to engage and inspire our 2nd Grade students. Her faith filled presence and loving instruction is such a wonderful start to classroom instruction for our children.
  • Monica Ruppert will continue to enrich our 4th Grade and provide musical instruction (Choir) on Monday and Wednesday assisted by Ruth Gwynn. We look forward to beautiful music at our monthly Masses.
  • Rina Brown will continue to challenge our 5th Grade and Algebra classes this year. Rina has officially taken on the role of Head Math Tutor and will be guiding our Math Milestones, head-up math assessments testing, and will assist tutors with their math lesson planning when needed. Thank you, Rina for stepping up!
  • Kathy Kirby will continue to challenge our 7th Grade class, sharing her love of sacred scripture along the way. Kathy will be tutor the Math 6/5 class this year for those lucky students who will enjoy her class.
  • Christine Butrim, who is so much the heart of STAT, will tutor our 8th Grade boys and girls this year to build their personal cathedrals. She is in for an exciting year of class competition with this group! Christine will also bless us with her wisdom, grace and professional experience, continuing in the role of Support Plan Coordinator.

After many years without a break, Christine Butrim is taking a one-year sabbatical from the role of Head Tutor. Those responsibilities will be divided between Ruth Popp, our new Curriculum Coordinator and me this year. We hope that Christine will be able to recharge and enjoy a year of doing what she loves most, teaching and helping families.

The STAT Board
And last but certainly not least, please welcome John Frymann and Marie Richardson to the STAT Board of Directors. This is a working board so we thank them both for their willingness to give so much of their time and talents to STAT. John is serving now as Treasurer, learning all the intricacies of our accounting system. We are grateful for his great sense of humor. Marie is serving as our Director of Admission, jumping into that roller coaster world providing wisdom, a smile and plenty of energy. I also join the Board this year as the Director is a member at large.

Returning to the Board this year is Ruth Popp (President), Kim Flater (Secretary), and Larry Kirby (Technology).

As a STAT Parent, I had no idea how hard this group of people worked to keep STAT running and how much time, care and concern they invested into STAT families. They are consummate professionals yet approachable friends at the same time. We are blessed to have them.

Calling all Math Tutors
Finally, we are still in need of two Math tutors: Algebra 1/2 and Math 8/7. Please spread the word and keep this in your prayers. We have discovered a treasure trove of excellent tutors among our families. If you are interested in tutoring either of these classes or know someone who might be a good fit, please contact me. These tutors would teach for one hour first thing in the morning on Mondays and Wednesday which means fathers with flexible work schedules might be able to tutor these classes as well.

So, please offer a prayer of thanksgiving to our generous Lord for bringing these tutors to us and may He continue to bless you with His beauty and goodness this summer. Enjoy!

In Christ,

Lorraine Landerkin
Director of St. Thomas Aquinas Tutorial